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Desine is a stationery boutique specializing in hand-detailed embellishment, unique designs & personalized service. Want to know more? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about custom invitations below.

Unique Wedding Invitations


A wedding invitation is the first impression you will give your guests. Desine will help to create something completely unique.

What can I Customize?

  • Your Colour Scheme
  • Your Theme
  • Your Personal Style
  • Your Details
  • Your Embellishments
  • Your Envelopes
  • Your Addresses

Add Ons

In addition to a custom graphic design, there are lots of great ways to enhance your unique wedding invitations. Desine offers endless options for that personal touch.

What are Embellishments?

  • Lace, Ribbon & Twine
  • Belly Bands & Tags
  • Laser Cut Designs
  • Glittered Cardstock
  • Rhinestones & Pearls
  • Paper Flowers
  • The List Goes On!

Unique Wedding Invitations
Unique Wedding Invitations

Why Stop There?

Desine offers tons of other personalized stationery items. Make your day-of stationery cohesive with a full Desine Package.

What else do you offer?

  • Wedding Programs
  • Dinner Menus
  • Seating Charts
  • Kissing Menus
  • Label Tags & Stickers
  • Printed Signs
  • & Thank You Cards
Your Love Is Unique!
Your Stationery Should Be Too!


Working with Desine is a one-on-one experience. Whether over the phone, by email or over coffee,
I like to meet with my clients to get a true feeling of what you are looking for. Your personality & style can then be infused into your wedding stationery. This also gives us a chance to discuss your preferred budget and timeline. Taking this information, I will create a custom draft as well as physical samples with different layouts. These are the beginning steps to creating stationery you will fall in love with! I take pride in offering personalized & friendly service.

what’s the cost

How much will it cost? This is often the first and most frequently asked questions. Desine is happy to work with any reasonable budget. Below are a few of the key factors in determining price. If you would like a quote please contact Desine directly. We have outlined a general pricing guideline to give you an idea of what to expect.


The cost per unit will fluctuate based on the quantity of invitations you need. The more units you need, the lower the price. Why? It takes the same amount of time to complete a draft for an order of 5 invitations as it does for 50. The flat rate for your Unique Wedding Invitations design is incorporated into the unit cost.


Pricing is not greatly changed based on your digital design. The main factor in determining cost is your physical layout. Desine offers everything from a simple postcard layout to elaborate pocket styles with layered paper. Want to cut cost? Just say the word. We’ve got plenty of great cost saving tips up our sleeve.


In addition to your main wedding invitation there are other enclosures you may need. RSVP Cards, Maps, Details Card, Accommodation Card & Registry to name a few. Many online sites appear to be very low cost but you may be alarmed at your final bill when adding the cost of enclosures.

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